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Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown Attack

michael brown strong-arm robbery
Michael Brown Strong-Arm Robbery and Assault



orbital blowout fracture
Orbital Blowout Fracture

A blowout fracture is a fracture of the walls or floor of the orbit. Intraorbital material may be pushed out into one of the paranasal sinuses. This is most commonly caused by blunt trauma of the head, generally personal altercations. Orbital floor fractures were investigated and described by MacKenzie in Paris in 1844 and the term blow out fracture was coined in 1957 by Smith & Regan, who were investigating injuries to the orbit and resultant inferior rectus entrapment, by placing a hurling ball on cadaverous orbits and striking it with a mallet. The force of a blow to the orbit is dissipated by a fracture of the surrounding bone, usually the orbital floor and/or the medial orbital wall. Serious consequences of such injury include diplopia in upgaze where there is significant damage to the orbital floor. In blowout fractures, the medial wall is fractured indirectly. When an external force is applied to the orbital cavity from an object whose diameter is larger than that of the orbit, the orbital contents are retropulsed and compressed. The consequent sudden rise in intraorbital pressure is transmitted to the walls of the orbit, which ultimately leads to fractures of the thin medial wall and/or orbital floor. Theoretically, this mechanism should lead to more fractures of the medial wall than the floor, since the medial wall is slightly thinner (0.25 mm vs 0.50 mm). However, it is known that pure blowout fractures most frequently involve the orbital floor. This may be attributed to the honeycomb structure of the numerous bony septa of the ethmoid sinuses, which support the lamina papyracea, thus allowing it to withstand the sudden rise in intraorbital hydraulic pressure better than the orbital floor. SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA





NEW BRITAIN, CT (PHILLYCRIMENEWS) – New Britain police are investigating violence among white victims in the city that police said is like the knockout game that has been increasing  throughout the United States. Over this past weekend New Britain police said they are investigating at least three cases of unprovoked violence against white women and men by groups of blacks including groups of black teen girls.  A victim  walking down the street is hit from behind by a person or  an object. When the victim turned around, the victim said they saw a group of black teens running away. On Sunday night, Jessica Punsalan said her mother Diane was hit on the side of the head. Punsalan said her mother was walking alone, along Ellis Street, when she was attacked by a group of black teenage girls. “She was punched, closed-fist, on the side of the head. It hit her ear, and the top of her jaw,” and the 57-year-old white woman fell, Punsalan said. “She’s still sore and still emotionally shaken up from the whole thing.” New Britain police are investigating a total of three cases from the weekend, all involving random attacks on whites in the South Main Street area, and the suspects are black teens in all of the incidents. “It’s absolutely disgusting, these are innocent people, strangers who haven’t done anything to anyone,” Punsalan added. Other residents like Trey Williams of New Britain called the incident “wild,” and Will Blanco of New Britain called it “sickening.” Anyone with information should contact New Britain police at (860) 826-3000.

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