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Militants seized 48 Turks in an attack on the Turkish consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, including the Consul-General, three children and several members of Turkey’s special forces. The group was taken from the consulate building to a militant base. Turkish authorities confirmed that all of them are unharmed. A suicide bomber killed at least 16 people in the Baghdad Shia district of Sadr City, police and doctors have told PHILLYCRIMENEWS and 500,000 fled Mosul as Sunni Jihadists posed a  ‘mortal threat’  to the nation. As many as half a million people have been forced to flee the Iraqi city of Mosul amid reports that al-Qaeda militants seized the Turkish consulate and moved into the oil refinery town of Baiji. Iraqi leaders warned on Wednesday of a “mortal” threat to their country’s existence, as Sunni insurgents who seized control of the northern city of Mosul extended their grip across the country, grabbing oil refineries and embarking on an orgy of kidnappings and beheadings. As more than half a million people fled the country’s northern capital, the al-Qaeda offshoot group behind the uprising, the Islamic State of Iraq and al Shams (Syria), declared that it was in “complete control” of roads in and out of Mosul and the surrounding province. 15 members of the Iraqi security forces were said to have been beheaded near the northern city of Kirkuk after being kidnapped earlier
this week. In the city of Tikrit, the birth place of the late Saddam Hussein, the governor was reported to have been killed after militants over-ran his building on Wednesday. There were also unconfirmed claims that the
Jihadists had taken $400m from looted banks in Mosul, massively boosting their warchests for further weapon-buying.

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