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NEW BRITAIN, CT (PHILLYCRIMENEWS) – New Britain police are investigating violence among white victims in the city that police said is like the knockout game that has been increasing  throughout the United States. Over this past weekend New Britain police said they are investigating at least three cases of unprovoked violence against white women and men by groups of blacks including groups of black teen girls.  A victim  walking down the street is hit from behind by a person or  an object. When the victim turned around, the victim said they saw a group of black teens running away. On Sunday night, Jessica Punsalan said her mother Diane was hit on the side of the head. Punsalan said her mother was walking alone, along Ellis Street, when she was attacked by a group of black teenage girls. “She was punched, closed-fist, on the side of the head. It hit her ear, and the top of her jaw,” and the 57-year-old white woman fell, Punsalan said. “She’s still sore and still emotionally shaken up from the whole thing.” New Britain police are investigating a total of three cases from the weekend, all involving random attacks on whites in the South Main Street area, and the suspects are black teens in all of the incidents. “It’s absolutely disgusting, these are innocent people, strangers who haven’t done anything to anyone,” Punsalan added. Other residents like Trey Williams of New Britain called the incident “wild,” and Will Blanco of New Britain called it “sickening.” Anyone with information should contact New Britain police at (860) 826-3000.

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PHILLYCRIMENEWS EXCLUSIVE  — A white man walking home through Baltimore’s Patterson park was attacked by 4 black teens who started beating him and hitting him in the face while one was filming them. The victim, who is only identified as a white 25-year-old teacher in the police report, was walking in the park about 8:30 p.m. when four juveniles started punching him. One of the attackers yelled “Worldstar,” a reference to the popular web site “Worldstarhiphop” where fight videos are uploaded daily. According to the police report, the man fought back and tore the shirt off of one of the juveniles, and the group then ran south  toward Eastern Avenue. The suspects were described in the police report as black males, each between 13 and 15 years old. The suspect who was recording wore a red shirt and was about 5-foot-5 and weighed 190 pounds, while the others stood about 5-6 or 5-7 and weighed less than 190 pounds.Earlier this week, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts – both are black, and white people getting attacked and beaten for sport is not high on their list of concerns – walked through downtown and the Inner Harbor, in part to discuss efforts to reach out to young black people who they say have been causing trouble in the tourism district. Also this week, the City Council passed one of the strictest curfew laws in the nation. Had the curfew been in effect Thursday, the suspects would not have been in violation — it requires youth under 14 would need to be home by 9 p.m. year-round, and teens 14 to 16 years old wold have to be home by 10 p.m. on weeknights. Many white teens in Baltimore have voiced anger that they are being punished for the actions of black teens. Recently in Baltimore’s inner harbor area large groups of black people have been organizing in groups of up to 800 and going through the streets attacking people and kicking out car windows as well as fighting each other. The police seem well understaffed to deal with this problem and are trying to figure out what to do about it. Recently the staff at Union Memorial hospital hired police with K-9 German Shepherd dogs to visit unruly patients and that solved the problem right away. Maybe k-9 patrols are the answer in Baltimore and San Francisco. okok12345 okok1234 GSBGFSDB okok123456 


PHILLYCRIMENEWS EXCLUSIVE — Police in San Francisco’s East Bay are meeting on Friday to address what they say is a phenomenon called “wildings,” where packs of teens gather in public places and create mayhem in their wake.The meeting was prompted most recently by “wildings” terrorizing San Leandro. Authorities say that over the last few months, large groups of teenagers–as many as 100–have been attacking, scaring and robbing victims at malls and at near BART stations. On Friday, the police department put out a flyer about this”new crime trend” involving “unruly young adults.”




According to San Leandro Police Lt. Rick DeCosta, three attacks occurred within the last week, and two teens have been arrested. The attacks include:

  • May 31: Two juveniles at the Bayfair BART station were confronted by a large group of 10- to 20-year-olds about 10 p.m. Police said someone in the group challenged the minors to a fight and one of the suspects threw a punch, prompting the kids to run away. Police said the juveniles got separated during the chase and the suspects caught up to one of them at the Bayfair Mall parking lot, knocked him to the ground and kicked and punched him before taking his cellphone and Nike tennis shoes. No one was arrested.
  • June 2: Two middle school students were walking in the 2100 block of East 14th Street about 4 p.m. when three  teenagers approached the boys and tried to take a shopping bag with expensive Nike shoes that one of the boys was carrying, police said. When the boy resisted, one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and pistol-whipped him, knocking him unconscious. The boy who was struck with the gun was taken to a hospital and received several stitches.
  • June 2: Police said there was another robbery about 4:40 p.m. in a parking lot two blocks north on East 14th Street. Witnesses told investigators the victims, who had a 2-year-old child in their vehicle, tried to pull into the parking lot but were blocked by several teens at the entrance. Police said the victims asked the teenagers to move, but several starting yelling obscenities at them.  Police said the adults got out of the car, leaving the child inside, and confronted the teens. At that point, police said one teen began ransacking the passenger side of the car, stealing several items. Police said another teen then got into the driver’s seat, put the car in gear and started to drive away with the child still inside. The victims pleaded with the teenager to stop and eventually, the teen pulled the car over. Police said the suspects stole a computer tablet and an iPhone. Two teens in this case were arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, carjacking, kidnapping and child endangerment. Police said all suspects in these incidents were black and their victims were white but no hate crime charges have been filed at this time.